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Flapmax and Wentors Partner to Increase the Number of Women Working in Emerging AI Fields

The Flapmax Women in AI Internship Program is Now Accepting Applications

Austin, Texas (August 30th , 2022) – International technology company Flapmax announced today that the organization is partnering with Wentors, a global network of women in technology, to launch professional resources designed to increase the number of women working in the dynamic field of artificial intelligence(AI). This program is dedicated to help women in transforming their lives and in advancing their careers.

The new Flapmax Women in AI internship program will begin this fall, with applications accepted online until September 15, 2022.

Working hand-in-hand with Wentors, Flapmax will also create and launch new upskilling and training opportunities in the AI technology space, targeting both technical and non-technical professionals.

Flapmax is a data and AI company expanding opportunities for technology innovation and implementation worldwide, targeting underserved populations. Flapmax AI Institute is helping to advance human potential through cutting-edge research, experiential learning, training, and certification programs designed for the modern workforce.

Wentors is working towards an ambitious goal of reaching 8M women around the

world by 2030, including providing free mentorship programs for women in technology.

“At Flapmax, we are working to engage and connect the next generation of learners and innovators with sustainable technology infrastructure and advanced professional skills. We are proud to partner with Wentors to ensure our resources are well designed to support women entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide – and to encourage a new generation of women to consider careers in AI,” said Dave Ojika,Founder and CEO, Flapmax.

Applications to the Flapmax AI Institute are being accepted online until September 15, 2022 (and thereafter until December 19, 2022, on a rolling basis). The virtual program will provide experiential learning and hands-on training opportunities within the technology and AI/cloud industries. Participants will have curated access to Flapmax Learn certification training courses in either technical or non-technical areas as well as be incorporated into the Wentors community for an opportunity to receive professional mentorship. Additionally, participants will work directly with innovative early-stage startups founders and team members and create a professional portfolio of work, including completing research

projects, publications and conference presentations.

“At Wentors, we are working towards a very ambitious goal of reaching 8 million women around the worldnby 2030,” said EduAbasi Chukwunweike, Founder, Wentors. “We are thrilled to be working with Flapmax to provide free mentorship programs for women in technology, and to attract more women to exciting careers in the future of AI.”

The program’s non-technology track is targeting applicants from around the world with experience in program management, digital marketing, sales development and/or customer relations. Technology track applicants should show experience in one or more technology stacks, including Python, MySQL, and HTML/CSS. Project management experience and the development of sample code are also a plus.

Flapmax also announced a new collaboration with Intel Corporation to extend the corporation's machine learning and 3D graphics/rendering training programs to the Flapmax Women in AI internship program. Successful participants will have a chance to become Intel Certified Instructors and benefit from potential long-term work opportunities with Flapmax AI Institute.

For more information, visit:

About Flapmax

Flapmax is a data and AI technology company committed to expanding opportunities for technology innovation and implementation worldwide. With its technology accelerator platform, Flapmax encourages collaboration across borders and helps companies measure and optimize AI-models and implement digital transformation solutions. Flapmax is creating global partnerships to ignite the local tech industry across Africa and globally. Working with universities around the world, Flapmax is helping connect the next generation of innovators with sustainable technology goals and cutting-edge career skills.

About Wentors

Wentors is a global network of women in technology that support one another. We provide a free mentorship program for women in technology worldwide, with an ambitious goal of impacting 8M+ women worldwide by 2030. We've developed a varied and lively community of 2,300+ women in technology across four continents and we’re dedicated to changing the narratives of women in technology, transforming lives and making millions of dreams a reality through this process.

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