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Fufu Sapiens to officially launch Original African NFT Collections in Ghana

One of the arts that is part of Fufu Sapien' collection

Fufu Sapiens, a Ghanaian female-led and community-driven NFT project, is set to launch original African NFT collections in Ghana.

The project, which is set to be launched in May, is focused on showcasing the continent's culture, heritage and some of her exquisite crypto art collections using non-fungible tokens.

While Africa has seen and continues to sprout great artists, the content is yet to massively tap into the over $40 billion global NFT markets. This, among others, has been a result of African artists being privy to no knowledge or just having a basic understanding of how blockchain, crypto and NFT work.

One of the main goals for Fufu Sapiens is to onboard Africans into web3 through education and give them an on-hands experience in web3 with NFTS. The project also sought to harness the success of these NFT collections to give back to society. With every NFT mint, Fufu Sapiens will offer 5% of the proceeds to schools in Africa, starting with Ghana. These proceeds would fund research programs and facilitate web3 and Blockchain technology education for students in Ghana.

While speaking on why the Fufu Sapiens NFTs are focused on Africa, Linda Yeboah (Lin), the lead on this project, said, "I wanted to create a space where Africans could showcase their art and talent. The African continent has vast untapped and unexposed talents, and additionally, these talents have not converted into incomes for its people. I want to change that with this project. I also see many web3 companies marketing and trying to attract African users, but none has African founders yet. I want to use the Fufu Sapiens project to change the narrative."

She further added that the best way to learn about NFTs is by making a purchase. After making the first purchase, the NFT buyer learns a lot about web3. This requires some research and effort, from setting up a wallet, making sure you have enough funds in the wallet and creating an account on an NFT market space. This is a great way to start your journey into the rabbit hole of web3.

Fufu Sapiens NFT is a collection of 4520 African culture inspired NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Fufu Sapiens NFT will grant access to the Fufu Sapiens Club. The club is accessible to all Fufu Sapiens NFT holders. Some benefits of the club include drops of future Fufu Sapiens collections, i.e. virtual merch that will be used in the metaverse and Fufu Sapiens ecosystem governance token.

By supporting Fufu Sapiens NFT collections, you unlock future relevant utilities with your NFT purchase.


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