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Apple appoints Teju Ajani as first Managing Director for Nigeria

Teju Ajani has assumed the role of Managing Director for Apple in Nigeria.

Following her appointment, she becomes the first person and first woman to occupy the lead role in Nigeria.

This comes after there was an opening for a country lead role in Nigeria.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she resumed the role in March 2021.

The iPhone manufacturer revealed it was not satisfied with how low its market share is in emerging economies such as Nigeria thus they were hoping to increase sales going forward although prices remain high.

Ajani will likely oversee sales and business development in the most populated African country.

Prior to her new appointment, she was Google’s Nigeria head for Android since April 2018.

She has also held various leadership positions in YouTube as Head of Content Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa, and Oracle as Principal Product Manager.

Aside her known leadership skills, the global business mogul has under her belt over 20 years of experience as a Software Engineer in Fortune 100 companies across North America, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Teju started out as a Software Engineer at Vovida networks in California before going on to work in senior roles at BEA systems, VMware and Oracle spanning 11 years.

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