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Humanity should be the reason why we innovate and create - Ing. Ohene-Akoto

Ing. Justice Ohene Akoto

Prize-winning Ghanaian engineer, Ing. Justice Ohene-Akoto has urged fellow engineers to put humanity at the forefront of their creations.

He explained that inventions around sophisticated technologies must be “to the benefit of humanity but not to its detriment”.

Ing. Ohene-Akoto was speaking virtually at the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Advance Computing and Innovative Technologies in Engineering held by the Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, India.

His address titled: “THE HUMANITY, MORALITY, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION AND PEACE NEXUS” iterated that “the world should not be on her knees as a result of advance computing and innovative technologies”.

“In our generation, the story should be different. Let us change the narrative. There should be a paradigm shift. A new generation, a new drive and a new world.

The world should be at peace as a result of advance computing and innovative technologies. At the mention of advance computing and innovative technologies, the world should see peace and calmness. The United Nations (UN) should see a stable world at the mention of advance computing and innovative technologies,” he said.

In his view, although there is a pressing need to contribute to global advancement through innovation, “the world should not be under threats as a result of advance computing and innovative technologies”.

The engineer who is also co-founder of Maiseville Groupe Company Limited, a company that provides affordable off-grid solutions appealed to scientists to help clear existing myths about science.

Speaking further, Ing. Ohene-Akoto pushed for the swift adoption of the “green agenda’.

“If there is a time to think and expedite the green agenda, that time is now. Let us think, plan and act green. This will not only save the world today but also preserve the world for the generations ahead.

This is a conscious effort that all relevant stakeholders such as the World Energy Council amongst others should come on board to make it happen. We should not limit green and climate discussions to the Conference of the Parties (COP), it should be a day-to-day discussion. The Pari agreement, African Union (AU) agenda 2063, UN SDGs and other policies around these should be greatly pursued with all urgency,” he concluded.

The event was graced by the college’s Head of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department, Prof. Aladiyan Ambikapathy and several big names in the world of science, innovation and technology.


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