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CTN Technologies to teach 3D modeling and additive manufacturing in 2-day workshop

CTN Technologies is set to organise a two-day workshop to train individuals in 3D modelling and additive manufacturing.

Registration for this event is open to all who are passionate about learning a skill in the field of computer graphics or wants to be a 3d artist.

The ₵300 package includes; training materials, practical sessions, certificate and technical support from the seasoned tutors.

The workshop comes off on Friday 23rd October to Saturday 24th October 2020 at the CSIR INSTI (East airport Residential Area) from 9 am to 3 pm daily.

Visit to book a slot for the workshop.

Co-founder, Leslie Joppa stated that this initiative is to equip people with relevant skills needed for product design and developing projects.

"The concept of additive manufacturing has been around for some time and we have seen how helpful it has been in solving problems around us. An example is during Covid-19 pandemic where we had face shields being made from 3D printed parts. It has helped in prototyping as we are now able to able to develop ideas and design solutions quickly," he said.

This he said, is contrary to some time ago where people could not design specific items they had in mind.

However, Mr. Joppa added that the duration of the workshop is to make it convenient for individuals who have other equally important engagements, adding that both sessions will be intense with projects at the end of the workshop. He stated that the CSIR-INSTI maker space will be made open to all participants of the workshop to provide continued technical support for their current and future needs.

"We are certain that this will be regular and reach a lot more people. We are working on different training programs and workshops on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), what we know as drones, robotics and others," he revealed.

What is 3D modelling?

3D modelling is a technique in computer graphics for used for the production of a 3D version of digital representation of any object or surface.

This skill is useful in various industries like animation, film, gaming, interior design and architecture.

It can also be used to create interactive representations of the anatomy of living things in the medical industry.

About CTN

CTN Technologies believes in the use of modern technology to drive change and development intends to start planting seeds of empowerment in young people through a series of tech events.


To raise problem solvers, innovators and inventors who will drive development in a rapidly changing digital world.


To inform, inspire, and train an ever-growing community with a desire to use technology for development through cutting edge projects, training, workshops, and media content.

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