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The humanity, morality, science, technology, innovation and peace nexus – By Ing. Ohene-Akoto

Advance computing and innovative technologies is the way forward. By all means let’s innovate and create sophisticated technologies to the benefit of humanity but not to its detriment.

The world should not be on her knees as a result of advance computing and innovative technologies. The world should not be under threat as a result of advance computing and innovative technologies. Just look at what is happening to global security all across the world. In our generation, the story should be different. Let us change the narrative. There should be a paradigm shift. A new generation, a new drive and a new world.

The world should be at peace as a result of advance computing and innovative technologies. At the mention of advance computing and innovative technologies, the world should see peace and calmness. The United Nations (UN) should see a stable world at the mention of advance computing and innovative technologies.

There have been a number of myths around science, research and technology. These myths cut across all facets of live: from health, security, transportation, energy, etc. In our generation let us clear all these myths and show the world that science and technology are friends of humanity.

In our works let us not only exhibit professionalism but also humanity and strong morality. In all our inventions and innovations, let us bear in mind that we were first humans. Let us add a touch of humanity to all our doings. Humanity should be the reason why we will innovate and create, nothing more nothing less.

The recent global crisis should stir up our hunger in advance computing and innovative technologies in all aspects particularly the energy sector which drives most of the other sectors. We saw how the geopolitics around crude, oil and gas have affected the prices and commodities across all sectors. We saw how it crippled several economies. Its ripple effects have been felt in all parts of the world. We saw how oil prices went up overnight causes the prices of commodities to skyrocket overnight.

Let us ask ourselves if we had made tangible progress in the green agenda, will we have been in this crisis? If there is a time to think and expedite the green agenda, that time is now. Let us think, plan and act green. This will not only save the world today but also preserve the world for the generations ahead. This is a conscious effort which all relevant stakeholders such as the World Energy Council amongst others should come on board to make it happen.

We should not limit green and climate discussions to the Conference of the Parties (COP), it should be a day-to-day discussion. The Pari agreement, African Union (AU) agenda 2063, UN SDGs and other policies around these should be greatly pursued with all urgency.

Congratulation in advance to all presenters and authors in today’s and tomorrow’s sessions. I wish you the very best.


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