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CTN Technologies, Wentors partner to provide mentorship for women in tech

In support of the agenda to encourage more women to enter the technology industry, a company that provides such networking platforms, Wentors and Ghanaian tech company, CTN Technologies have partnered on a mentorship drive for women.

This program seeks to connect experienced women in the industry (Wentors) to young ladies who are passionate about tech (Wentees).

Created by Wentors, the 6-week program is called the “We-Discover Mentorship Program”.

The main objective is to assist “women discover themselves in the technology industry, providing knowledge that would aid clarity as they make their way forward and upward in the industry”.

Co-founder of Wentors Unoma Adeyemi believes the program’s impact will give younger girls the courage to dream.

Unoma Adeyemi, Co-founder, Wentors
Unoma Adeyemi, Co-founder, Wentors

“We know we are changing lives. Through our program, we know we are changing lives and making the dream of that little girl out there possible. This is what drives us,” she said

According to Wentors, the program is designed for women in technology who:

· have 0–2 years of experience in the industry

· are transitioning into the technology industry

· are recent graduates or in their final year in college or university.

Women who sign up will be guided and trained in soft skills relevant to their careers by fellow women working in international tech companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google etc...

The We-Discover program described as Wentors’ largest mentorship program, is launched annually to mark International Women’s Day.

It seeks to contribute to “the change that will inevitably happen in the world”.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of CTN Technologies, Ida Padikuor Na-Tei has expressed her excitement about the objective of the event.

“At CTN Tech, we are all about getting more people to join the tech world because there is lot of uncharted opportunities. We believe in capacity building and social impact especially for women who make up the smaller percentage of the tech industry,” she noted.

Engagement about the event commences in January through Black History Month; February and into March - the month for International Women’s Day.

Participants automatically become part of a diverse community of women in technology across 4 continents of the world.

The portal goes live on February 1, 2022. What are you waiting for?

Register now!

About Wentors

Wentors is an organization that provides a platform geared towards giving young women in the Technology fields access to role models (wentors) from all walks of the industry.

This is aimed at stimulating an increased interest and participation in the technology fields as well as career advancement for those already in the field.

Wentees have direct access to wentors who will provide them with practical advice on how to stand out and make an impact in their various disciplines.

In essence, it is a community of women dedicated to seeing each other succeed in their field of work.


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