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Ghanaian graduates digging greenhouse gold mine

Amid the increasing cases of unemployment, some graduates have found jobs for themselves.

Although it may not be a plush office complex which requires donning corporate outfit, it is a green gold mine.

Somewhere in Dawhenya in the Greater Accra region of Ghana lies a greenhouse farm made up of tents of various vegetables.

It is here that some university graduates who have ventured into farming have invested their time and money and are cashing out after harvest.

Agri-Impact Consult oversees the project which is under the auspices of the Ghana Exim Bank.

Speaking on TIE Conversations, hosted by CTN Technologies’ Ida Padikuor Na-Tei, Agriprenuership Development Manager and the Consult, Emmanuel Boamah Okyere revealed that the aim of the poject is to cut the importation of vegetables into the country while producing employment.

“It is also an avenue to create jobs for the youth, so the model is run in a way that these greenhouses are owned by graduates. They applied in grants so Exim Bank has taken a component and is paying for them,” he said.

According to Boamah Okyere, a traditional farmer would have to use 4 or 5 acres of land to get the same yields that this green house will give you.

At the green house facility, the common crops grown thee are bell peppers and cucumbers with good market value.

The growing process is safe and greatly organic as most of the products use are sourced from plants.

This greenhouse project is scattered across regions in the country namely; Ashanti, Greater Accra, Central, Western and Volta.

The Agriprenuership Development Manager further urged the youth not to shy away from agribusiness due to the notion that it is a menial job.

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