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Jeff Bezos Takes Back ‘World’s Wealthiest Man’ Title

Shortly after losing wealthiest person title to CEO of SpaceX and Tesla billionaire, Elon Musk, CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has regained his title after Musk’s fortune fell by nearly $14 billion in one day.

Stocks of Tesla have been reported to have fallen by nearly 8% on Monday, reducing his net worth by $13.5 billion, placing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person last Friday according to Forbes’ estimates.

The 48-year old billionaire came second place, being about $6 billion behind Bezos, who has a net worth of $182.1 billion. The E-commerce company’s stock rose by nearly 1.5% on Wednesday, pushing Bezos’ net worth up by $2.4 billion, to $184.9 billion. This once again set him as the world’s wealthiest man.

Although these two strive for top spot, they are both more than $30 billion richer than the world’s third-wealthiest person, French luxury tycoon Bernard Arnault who is now worth $150.5 billion, Forbes estimates.

Musk is keen on closing the gap as his company is seeing growth at an unprecedented rate. With his net worth has rising by some $160 billion since March 2020, Musk’s fortune has grown in tandem with Tesla’s skyrocketing stock price, which rose by more than 720% in 2020.

Musk, who is also known for his opinionated and at times cryptic tweets, took to Twitter to responds to a post by Tesla Owners of Silicon.

"How strange," adding, "Well, back to work ..." he tweeted.

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