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Solar Taxi launches ride-hailing app with standard transport charges

Ghana’s first e-mobility company, Solar Taxi has launched Africa’s first ride-hailing service solely powered by their electric cars.

This initiative is set to provide customers with a more sustainable, greener and cleaner option for transportation at a lower cost.

Launched on Thursday 31st March 2022, the SolarTaxi App has begun operations in selected parts of Accra such as East Legon and Airport environs within a 10-kilometre radius.

The company is poised to retain the cost of rides, especially during traffic jams, unlike other ride-hailing apps as drivers bear zero cost of fuel consumption. This is would be possible since Solar Taxi will maintain standard charges.

Solar Taxi estimates it can save two million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually while saving the average Ghanaian commuted by GHC10,000 each year on transportation costs.

Their latest venture is keen on contributing to the preservation of the climate aside from making transportation less effective while creating more jobs for Ghanaians.

Head of SolarTaxi Ride, Gilbert Sefa Nuwordu said: “as a company, we seek to offer new and innovative ways of transport. Our main aim is to offer e-mobility services in a clean and environmentally friendly manner. SolarTaxi App is the new offering that will seek to offer cheap and affordable transportation to residents of East Legon and Airport within a 10km radius. All the vehicles will be electric and we will offer 80% cheaper rates than what’s already on the market. We are looking to onboard 100 electric cars by the close of the year translating to 100 jobs for the youth.”

To kick off its operations, SolarTaxi offered rides as low as Ghc1 from Friday 1st April to Sunday, 3rd April.

About Solar Taxi

The company started as a project by Kumasi Hive in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation in September 2018.

Solar Taxi aims to alleviate poverty, create employment and protect the environment b designing, locally assembling and selling electric cars and motorbikes.

They are the current market leaders in the adoption and commercialisation of electric vehicles in Ghana and Africa.

SolarTaxi offers two years of free maintenance after purchase.


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