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  • Elise Esi Hazel

The Man With A Mandate To Change The Transport System

The mission of the Africa Digital Festival is to bring together trailblazers from different African countries who are changing the status quo in the digital space. These champions make massive contributions to Digital Africa, solve problems through innovative ideas while creating jobs for people on their spheres of contact.

Amongst such diligent world changers is Sierra Leone’s Mohammed Sheriff Bah, the youngest member of this year’s Africa’s 50 Digital Champions list. Mohammed, who identified the problem of riding and payment with the Sierra Leone transport system developed Taptap, the country’s most sought-after taxi service that allows passengers take rides and make payments, stress free.

After being titled a digital champion, Mohammed pledged to set the Sierra Leone transport system as a global standard and urged all digital technology champs and financiers to join forces with him to take Africa’s digital economy to the next level.

Mohammed is an MBA holder in Marketing and Operations Management from the Marmara University in Turkey through the prestigious Turkish Government Scholarship.  He is also a Mandela Washington Fellow. His highly acclaimed thesis on celebrity endorsement, has set him far above many.

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