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Ghanaian animation company secures slot on Amazon Prime

AnimaxFYB, an animation company based in Ghana has landed a slot on an international content streaming platform, Amazon Prime.

One of the company’s production, Mmofra, which is an online educational and entertainment platform aimed at educating children between the ages of two to 14 years will be available on the website.

This animation content teaches children how to count and read while engaging viewers on age-appropriate subjects.

Following its debut screening on Amazon Prime, AnimaxFYB Studios is the first animation studio from Ghana and West Africa to release a full length project on the American platform.

The company which is headed by the CEO and Creative Director, award winning animator, Francis Yushua Brown could make some $1 million from this deal.

Mr. Brown is also the director of all animation content from the company.

AnimaxFYB Studios provides a range of 2D and 3D animation, concept development, visual effects, design and post-production services.

The studio aspires to be the world’s leading producer and provider of authentic and celebrated African stories.

It boasts of production including the award-winning Agorkoli – which tells the story of the migration of Ewes in Ghana and the proof of concept for Tutu – The Untold Story of a Kingdom depicting the story of Osei Tutu and the rise of the 17th century Ashanti Kingdom in what is now modern-day Ghana.

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