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IoT Network Hub to create innovations in agrotech, health and transportation sectors

Ghana-based tech community, Internet of Things (IoT) Network Hub is looking to explore other fields to create useful innovations that solve Africa’s problems.

This will add to their list of already existing inventions that have been recognized internationally.

Speaking on CTN Technologies’ show, TIE Conversations, President of the tech community, Joshua Opoku Agyemang revealed that this move is inspired by the impact of their previous works.

These include; the touchless washing bucket that works through a foot mechanism and a sensor in the tap, a reusable face mask using 3D printing and from locally sourced materials and an artificial intelligence home system that allows users to control appliances from their mobile phones.

The mask and handwashing bucket product falls under a project called Hack CoronaV, intended to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus while the AI stem was inspired by the wave of frequent blackouts in the country.

According to Agyemang, the community “Going forward we're setting up a number of project teams and the focus mostly will be on Agrotech.”

“Road accidents are getting more serious so we will look at how best to build solutions around that.”

“The final will be health. Agriculture, transportation and health are the three main sectors we are looking at building innovative solutions with the community in the years ahead,” he said.

Recently, IoT Network Hub was acknowledged by Forbes as one of the 100 Innovations, Inventions & Icons from Africa in 2020.

About IoT Network Hub

IoT Network Hub is an internet of things community in Ghana at the Ghana-Indian Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE).

The community was founded in 2016 by two alumni from AITI-KACE.

IoT Network Hub is the largest and fastest-growing tech community in West Africa with over 1600 members, it’s a community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, investors, marketers etc. teaming together to solve problems and challenges in Ghana and Africa using emerging technologies by sharing ideas, combining skills, assisting members with their projects, training upcoming tech enthusiasts and many more.

Since it was started, the community has focused on capacity building and creating awareness, a move that has been very successful so far.

The hub intends to focus more on brainstorming, problems solving, coming up with innovative solutions or ideas to address sustainable development goals and building them into start-ups.

Their vision is to become the knowledge hub of emerging technologies in Africa.

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