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Speech recognition for Ghanaian languages is available on Khaya app

To enhance inclusivity around the use of tech-enhanced communication services, selected Ghanaian languages have been added to the Khaya app.

Not only does this project aid users to communicate with their devices but will also contribute to the global spread of these languages.

The mobile app is available for use on both android and iOS devices.


Currently, Khaya features five languages, predominantly Ghanaian. The languages are Twi, Ga, Ewe, Yoruba, and English.

Users of the app can translate sentences, words, or phrases from English to four other languages. One may also translate from these African languages to English.

They can also enter alternative meanings to words, phrases, and sentences. This feature will enable the vocabulary base will continue to grow as the users increase.

Khaya also has a voice-to-text transcription - This feature will be great for people who intend to learn a language.


Khaya is the brainchild of two teams; the Algorine Research team and the Ghana Natural Language Processing group.

The Ghanaian Scientist and Entrepreneur Paul Azunre, also known in showbiz as the musician Dr Pushkin, is an integral part of the team.

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